Here are some examples of our favorite Random Acts of Kindness - please share your ideas as well.

* Leave pennies heads-up on the ground for someone else to find.

* Place coins in expired parking meters to help out a stranger.

* Let someone in front of you in line at the bank, grocery store or even the DMV!

* Leave quarters by the pay phone or vending machine.

* Buy roses and give them to strangers or leave them on their cars, front porches, etc.

* Pay for the car behind you in a drive-thru - this often starts a chain reaction!

* Hand out cool beverages or bottled water to people waiting at bus stops or working outside on hot summer days.

* Collect blankets, mittens, and warm clothing and drive around handing them out to the homeless on a cold winter night -- cups of hot chocolate might be nice too.

* Open your address book -- or even the phone book -- pick a name at random and send a card or note of gratitude, validation or love for no reason at all.

* Return shopping carts for people in the grocery store parking lot.

* Visit a nursing home and ask an elder to tell you about their life -- you get some great stories and learn a lot this way... and you make someone else feel special and valued.

* Leave notes of gratitude around the house for your parents, spouse, or children to find - in the laundry, the kitchen, the garage, all the places they work hard taking care of you and making your life better.

* Write a note to a teacher or mentor you have now or that you had many years ago and let them know their teaching impacted your life.

Be kind on your best days as an expression of gratitude. 
Be kind on your worst days to move beyond self-pity and anger. 
Be kind every day, simply because you can.

The possibilities are endless. Look for opportunities to present themselves but if they don't, make one happen.

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