To honor Lynda's legacy of kindness and compassion, the over 400 people at her funeral set forth to practice more Random Acts of Kindness, starting with one of her favorites - the "heads-up penny".  That simple beginning led to thousands more acts of kindness around Colorado and the world and the creation of a "pay it forward" Kindness Card. To date, over 84,000 Kindness Cards have been distributed throughout the world.  

Won’t you please join us in our quest for kindness??  Here’s how…

*  You can visit the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation’s website at for inspiration and ideas, including lesson plans, activity guides and free graphic downloads of kindness posters, flyers and more. 

*  Invite Lynda’s Legacy to speak to your group and hear Lynda’s story firsthand.  There is no fee to have a speaker, however, we do ask that you cover expenses associated with travel and supplies.

*  Request your own Lynda’s Legacy Kindness Cards.  We send you cards at no charge.  You can choose from the “You’ve just Received a Random Acts of Kindness” version or the “You’ve Just Been Caught Being Kind” version.  To request cards, please email your name and address to

*  Check out the Words tab for ideas of acts of kindness you can perform on your own or with family and friends!

Please learn more about what we do and how you can get involved by clicking on the What We Are and How You Can Get Involved tabs above. 

Need more information?  Want your own Kindness Cards to use or share with others?  Please email us at